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Instagram: Instagram is a Social Networking platform
where you can add your pictures and video tutorials. It has an awesome feature of filters through which you can edit your pictures all this makes Instagram a exclusive platform loved by an incredible number of users.

Instagram came completely, and Facebook bought this in 2012. Since then, the number of persons on Instagram has up surged in a very high pace (as Instagram is associated with Facebook profile). Popular to its hashtags, Instagram
can help in getting your small business content viral instantly.

If you're not a part of these platforms, you must sign up for these and start uploading your stories. It cannot take much time to arrive your target. So, you understand what to upload of Social networking, where to post your current content, your
work will not conclude here, you will have got to monitor your activities and the results. So that if you're not getting the desired traffic or result, you can change the strategy or perhaps work harder.

Owing to globalization and also removal of trade confines between countries international internet business has expanded and National Companies have been able to widen their particular horizons and become a powerful Multinational Companies (MNCs). Nonetheless, a decision to enter
a new market as well as undertake a foreign direct investment is risky therefore a choice to make this step needs to be started with a self applied assessment.

What are that core motives of subsequent this strategy? Does the firm have got a sustainable competitive advantage? Where look for investment advice? How to invest? Work with direct investment or synovial ventures, franchising, licensing, purchases of existing operations, establishing
new foreign subsidiaries or only exporting. What is country risk and how to benefit from it? Further we'll try to answer these questions.
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